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Do I Wanna Know - Chvrches (Arctic Monkeys Cover)

Mad World - Niia (Gary Jules Cover)

A half way house between the original and the haunting version done for that Gears of War advert.

Breathe - Capital Cities ft. Tupac Shakur (Pink Floyd Cover)

D.D. - The Weeknd

Stayin’ Alive - Capital Cities (Bee Gees Cover)

You need to check out this achingly cool version of the perennial classic.

Of the Night - Bastille

Genuinely a highlight at both festivals this year. Even if you don’t like their music normally this cover of an EPIC track is pretty damn phenomenal.

For a more euphoric rave check out this version. (Thanks to katbattt)

Steal My Sunshine - Outerwaves (Len Cover)

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Scissor Sisters,
Scissor Sisters


Cover of the Day:

Scissor Sisters cover Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out.” Love the original, love the cover. Awesome song, and a great concept for a new take on it.

Last year, both Franz Ferdinand and Scissor Sisters put on terrific shows at Glastonbury, both were possibly my favourite acts. So what’ll be mine this year?


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The Magnets - Livin’ on a Prayer (originally Bon Jovi)

The final post in my hijack of Hamish’s feature (cos he didn’t post today) and my single submission is this beauty. Taking a great but tired classic into a new realm, leasing new life into it.


Antoine Dufour - Hide and Seek (Imogen Heap Cover)

And if you liked the Crazy one you’ll love this.


Rocket 1969 (Goldfrapp vs. Edwyn Collins)

I adore this. As a big fan of Owl-obsessed, retro-fetishist and 40-something-year-old lesbian Goldfrapp, I knew I’d like this already but this reworking of her 2010 single Rocket to make it a 1960s pop classic really, REALLY works… and I think I like it more than the original.


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Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap

Another acoustic wonder for you. Lovely

Blur (wallpaper version of their ‘iconic’ best of cover)

I love this cover. I’d love to get a picture or 4 of me done like this.

wtf does iconic mean these days? - not sure that’s right but it’ll do for now.


Need You Tonight cover done by Beck’s Record Club.
I think it’s excellent 

I shall reblog anything Beck related for he is a musical hero of mine. He is to drum machines what Mark Ronson is to trumpets and thievery.

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