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Weird Al Yankovic - Perform this Way

So Al released this song early and for free because he was told Lady Gaga didn’t like it and it was not to be on his album. Then she heard it, got in contact and said it was fine. So here is the long awaited video and it is everything you could hope for!

Long live the Yankovic!

Telephone (Lady GaGa), Pomplamoose

THIS is how you do a cover of a song. Especially a song like anything by Lady GaGa. This genuinely surpases the original to the point at which I almost now consider THIS to be the definitive version.

Please, please do not scroll past this. Click and listen!


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Enter Telephone - DJs From Mars (Metallica vs Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce)

Those Martian DJs have done it again. After Barbramyte one of the best mash-ups I have ever encountered. Come this glorious mash of classic heavy metal with modern pop music.

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

Surprisingly good for typing rate on revision (if that how you do it - I do certain things typed and others by hand). Listening to rubbish (but decent rubbish) helps me not get distracted either. I just remembered seeing this equation about a year ago and had to share it.

She changed her mind on Weird Al’s take on Born This Way named Perform This Way.

Wondering what the hell I’m on about? See here:

Perform This Way - Weird Al Yankovic

Props to the Daily

For those that didn’t see this on said blog, Weird Al asked to do this parody and Lady Gaga’s people put up hoops to jump through. He even made it early for her to hear first which he never does. She said no. So he put it on YouTube and up for free download from his website and there is naff all she can do. So go find and enjoy. It is one of his all time best in my opinion, up there with Amish Paradise and e-Bay.

This is why Janelle Monae is not just my favourite current artist, but why she is IMPORTANT to music. 

She’s trying to help stop the idea that the kind of the music one produces is due to the colour of their skin. That artists let themselves fall into a certain genre just because it’d be easy for them, as opposed to being themselves, being creative, creating their own image and identity and sticking to it.


Remember the 90’s when there was a definite line between credible decent music and pop trash. Being aged 5 to 10 I was on the pop trash side of the demographic but at least pop music back then was safe and cheesy. The most teenage and risqué it ever got was Mousse T’s Horny talking about chimneys and Cornershop talking baout bosom pillows. At age 6 the notions of what they are talking about are not quite there and it’s just that they are good tunes. What I mean though is that these two were mature sounding pop compared to S Club 7 and Steps and Boyzone and and and and…

Pop music was a simple beast. Remember Honey to the Bee by Billie? Bring it all Back by S Club 7 and Hanson Mmm Bop? Compare those to the current raft of pop music that has developed some unnerving credibility from the fast evolving dance scene. Lady Gaga is the ‘Strokes’ and ‘Arctic Monkeys’ moment all in one. Like or lump her meat dresses and fake

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So there I was minding my own business sulking about the amount of work I have on and thinking idly after hearing Katy Perry’s Fireworks that pop music has seriously upped its game in the last two years when I was checking Tumblr and found this on my co-writers own blog - link in the reblog blurb.

This genuinely made my day and fit in with all I was thinking about. Might write something proper about the pop music thing but for now I’ll just leave this here. Hope it makes you smile like it did me! :D

-Max c/o Jonny


The one and only instance in which I find Lady GaGa acceptable.

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